Online Presence. Are you doing all you can to grow your online business?

Online Presence. Are you doing all you can to grow your online business?

As a business owner and having experiences both in sales, management and customer experience, you would think I had it all and how hard could it be to start an online business? Peace of cake right? Boy was I wrong. Before the pandemic began most thriving businesses have already been using online platforms such as facebook, twitter, websites etc. Now it’s even more important to make sure that you are doing al you can to make sure you are doing all the things you can control to have a successful online presence. So that’s what we will be talking about to do. I have narrowed it down to the Top 3 things that you must do when running an online business regardless what kind of business it is.

  1. Identity: Can your customers tell what you do? Make sure to be clear and straight to the point. Someone should be able to go to your page and within 30 to 60 seconds your customer should automatically know what it is you do or sell without having to do much searching or reading. Why is this important? Well, customers are usually online and trying to find something specific. If they can’t find what they’re looking for on your site or you’re not clear, they will automatically just go to the next page. That’s 1 less potential customer lost. So Yes, first impression is very important when it comes to having an online business. So don’t blow it and make it count.
  2. Reason: Give your customers a reason to come back. If they have no reason to come back then you can forget about it, you will not see that customer again. It’s all about growing your customer base when it comes to any business. Especially an online business. You can achieve these things by doing simple things, such as providing promotions or sales, FREE content. raffles, regular updates. The easiest thing to do is to train your customers to come back on a regular basis. You can do this by providing regular sales weather it’s a weekly basis or a monthly basis. This keeps them engaged and want to visit your site frequently. What ever it is you decide to do make sure you follow threw. This is crucial so make sure to do exactly what you were going to do because if you don’t you will lose them automatically.
  3. Keep it interactive and easy for them to reach you. That can be done by email, facebook, surveys to name a few. Keeping them engaged and showing that you want to hear from them increases the chances of them wanting to come back. Make sure you listen to what your customers want and do all you can to implement those things. Take what they say seriously and consider what they are telling you. Because if you fail to give them those things they will eventually find someone else who will.

That being said. I think by addressing those top 3 things on your online business will increase your chances in retaining and building your customer base. With thousands of websites out there that goes up on a regular basis, the harder it is to find and keep your customers. So does your business do all that? If it does then that’s great and you are off to a good start. If it doesn’t then work on trying to get those fixed ASAP.

If you guys have any questions or have any topics you guys want me to discuss feel free to let me know and I will do the best I can to cover it in future posts.

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