Is it free to become a member? Yes, it’s free to become a member of our site

What type of Payments do you accept? We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfers, Gcash, Paymaya, and Cash for pickup orders

Where do you ship?

We ship in the Philippines and certain items can be shipped within the USA.  You can go to the “USA SHOP” Category of the website to see all the items that can be shipped in the USA.

Do you accept CASH ON DELIVERY? NO, We only accept cash if your picking up your order at our Alcala location.

Do you accept pre-orders/bulk orders? Yes, we accept pre-orders/bulk orders. You can fill out this form for any BULK/Pre-orders. Once you have filled it out please make sure to let us know and make arrangements for the payments. We will not process your bulk order until it has been paid.

What does it mean when the item on the website says “available on back order”? This means that this item is OUT OF STOCK at our Alcala location, but we expect to get some in our next delivery. We suggest you place an order for only the items available. Then place another order for all “back order” items as a seperate order.

Do I have to pay for “back orders” now or can I pay for it when it comes in? Yes, you have to pay for “back orders” at the time you place your back order via online payment when you checkout. Any unpaid “back orders” placed will not be guaranteed.

What happens if I place a “back order” and the item I ordered doesn’t get here? Can I get a refund? No, you CAN NOT get a refund for back orders. You can either wait until it comes in or you can replace the items with any available items at our Alcala location.

How come some items on my cart disappeared? Our inventory is tracked in real-time. Anytime this happens it means that someone else happens to be shopping at the same time and purchased the same item and they have checked out and confirmed their order.

I am a JC Distributor can I get my discount when placing an order online? Yes, you can fill out this form and once we have set it up you can then start placing orders online and use your JC Distributor ID as the “coupon code” to ensure you get your discount. Your discount should start working within 24 to 48 hours. Usually within a few hours.

Do I have to wait to place an order before I fill out the form to get my Distributor discount? Yes, We HIGHLY suggest you fill out the form first prior to placing an orders to receive your discount.

Do I have to fill out the “distributor” discount form everytime I place an order? No, you only need to do this once. But we may ask you to resubmit your information for re-validation of your distributor discount.

How can I become a JC Distributor? Please visit franchise.foodtripking.com for more details.

Can I place an order and have it delivered to family and friends that doesn’t live in Alcala? Yes, we can deliver within metro Manila and other select provinces. You can place your order at order.foodtripking.com to see our current coverage during checkout.



I still have questions that was not covered in the F.AQ. you can message us directly at m/me/foodhubking

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