Discount upgrade for Distributors starts Oct 19

Discount upgrade for Distributors starts Oct 19

We are currently upgrading our system to accommodate all of our resellers and distributors. Currently, the system is setup where if you are a reseller or distributor you are required to login and during the checkout process, you will need to provide your distributor ID in order for the system recognizes that you have a discount.

We are excited to announce that once the system upgrade is complete (expect to be complete oct 19th) you will no longer need to type in your distributor ID during checkout. Your account will automatically give you the discount without having to enter your distributor ID. This will only occur if you place an order while you are logged into your account. If you place an order and you are not logged into your online account with us. You will not see your discount. So please make sure to log in first then place your order. If during checkout your not receiving your discount please let us know and we are more than happy to correct the issue for you.

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