back orders/pre orders

back orders/pre orders

As some of you have noticed on some of the products it shows that some of the items are labeled “available on back order.” When it says that on a product you are trying to purchase, it means that we do not have it in stock but you can pre-order it. We suggest if you are planning on purchasing items and plan to pick it up we suggest you put in an order with just the items that are available in stock. Once that is completed you can go back into your account and place another order for all of the “back order” items. This will make it easier for tracking and and accounting purposes.

If you put in an order for back-orders please make sure to also make a payment for that order to ensure you get priority for the products. If you put in an order for “back orders” and DO NOT pay we can not guarantee that you will get those items. You have a better chance of getting them if you make a payment. Please keep in mind that we can not control if the items that you placed as a back order did not come in. You can also replace them with any available stocks we have or can wait until we get the items you want.

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