about us

about us

We specialize in distribution of food and essential products.  The idea was inspired by the COVID 19 Corona virus.  Food is essentially something that we can not live without.  Then we also need our daily essentials to keep us healthy such as vitamins and minerals.  But, ask yourself this.  What is all of that good for if you don’t have anyone to help you celebrate life to it’s fullest.  I have always believed that things happen for a reason, regardless if it was good or bad.  But it’s up to you on how you handle those obstacles in life. 

Join us in our journey as we grow and expand together.  I have always been the type of person that is willing to help and give as much as I could without expecting anything in return.  One thing that I do hope to do is inspire someone enough so that their able to help someone else in return.  

That being said, we like to pride our selves in providing you the best products, prices and overall experience possible by combining my love of food, family and technology.  So join us and by helping   Weather that’s through showing your support, sharing ideas, becoming business partners or someone who just wants to be part of this amazing journey.

Our love and passion in technology, food,  will not go unnoticed.  You will see and experience it for yourself by mainly becoming part of our family.  I don’t want this to be JUST another website, but a place where we can bring people together by providing and helping each other in any way we can.  

Again I want to welcome you to foodtripking.com where everyone is treated like family.   and feel free to contact us anytime at m.me/foodhubking

Jay B.

Founder of Foodtripking.com

Our Alcala Pangasinan location

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